✧  The basic idea:
1. Put the parts of a dialogue on separate slips of paper.
2. Randomly distribute the parts.
3. Students put the pieces into order as they listen to the source audio or video.

✧ I recommend doing this kind of activity with scenes from movies or comedy routines.

✧ The example in the PDF is “The Heads”, a comedy routine by Hudson and Landry. To use it, print out the PDF and cut along the lines to separate the parts. I like to print on sticky-back paper (free-cut label paper), then adhere that to a card board that is about one millimeter thick. (In Japan, this is called “itame byoushi” 板目用紙.) The pieces are easier to handle, and are more like puzzle pieces, making the activity feel more game-like. If you do this, make sure you adhere the paper to the backing before you cut!

The audio for “The Heads”:

Note: I do not have a recording of Hudson and Landry doing this routine. This audio is just me.

The Heads — color-coded dialogue PDF