“Here You Are” is a song for colors and shapes, as well as for the very useful phrase “Here you are”. Copyright Alan Miesch 2010.
I call the activity we did “Paper Scatter Flutter Gather”. It goes like this:
1) Prepare colored shapes. (I just cut up colored paper into the shapes I wanted.)
2) Put the shapes into a box or basket.
3. Show some of the shapes to the children, identifying them as you pick them up: “This is a blue circle. Here is a pink square.”
4. SNEEZE! Oh no! The paper shapes go flying into the air and scatter all over! They flutter to the ground.
5. The children pick up one shape at a time and bring it to the activity leader. As they hand it to the leader they should say, “Here you are: an orange triangle” (or whatever color/shape they have).

Here’s a “Hello” song. If you are a teacher, feel free to use it in your classroom!

Here is a tutorial for the “Cups Song”: