English grammar game adjective order


Adjective Order Strips is a game for practicing the natural order of adjectives in English.
For example, the sentence “She drives a big, red car” sounds perfectly natural. But if someone said, “She drives a red, big car,” it would sound quite odd to a native English speaker.
AOS gives repetitive, yet enjoyable, practice with a variety of noun phrases that incorporate up to three adjectives.
Here is my YouTube video of this game being played:

Here are PDFs you can print out to make your own strips and cards for the game:
AOS strips
AOS cards
The size of the strips is not fussy.
The cards should be 6 x 9 cm. If they are not, look in the print settings for something that says “Size,” and choose “Actual size.”

Here is a video of how I make playing cards:

And here is a video of how I make my AOS strips (game tiles):